1:20 Viper MK II built by Scott Boon for the Wayne Middleton Collection

Today…. Scott Boon shows his amazing build of the Starbuck Viper for the Wayne Middleton Collection! Outstanding!

Built for the Wayne Middleton Collection, this SS Viper was a joy to build which is testament to the quality of Frank & Moe’s kits, they are simply fantastic and pretty much build themselves!

This is one of the original ones, no 25 out of 100 Starbuck editions before they upgraded the cockpit and introduced clear lighting parts. The Viper is fully lit, with a bit of drilling and some 1/32 backlit dials from a Paragrafix set, it worked pretty well, each gauge is lit and I included some extras too. The battery is in the base and the whole thing is removable for transport.



Happy holidays!!


Scott Boon


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