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Studio USS DEFIANT Replica by Richard Long & Dan Grumeretz for the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Collection

Years ago, when artist Richard Long told me he wanted to make the Studio Scale Defiant, I went admittedly crazy with the chance to get that build from him! Today… this build has come to reality with R...

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1:1000 Enterprise 1701-E Review by Albert Siow

Collector Albert Siow received his Titan M&M 1000 scale Enterprise 1701-E just a few days ago and wanted to show his great impressions of this masterful kit that was patterned by Richard Long! They di...

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1:24 McQuarrie Concept A-Wing by Jeff Wehenkel’s Ghastly Creations

I have the great honor of introducing another great artist to this gallery site…...

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STAR TREK TMP Studio Scale K’Tinga by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Richard Long is an artist that amazes me with his talents...

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Studio Scale DEFIANT – WIP by Richard Long of TITAN M&M for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

This studio model has been one that has been a long time coming...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! LARGE 1:24 Ralph McQuarrie A-Wing Kit from TITAN Models & Memorabilia




Ralph McQuarrie Concept A-Wing Kit

*Kit Producer: TITAN Models & Memorabilia rma_26

*Kit Scale: 1/24 (18 inches long!)

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Number of Pieces: 25

*Kit Price: O...

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Introducing TITAN Models & Memorabilia

Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic is honored to announce TITAN Models & Memorabilia!… A new company launch within the art form that will enhance everything we know! And they want to make what YOU want! C...

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Studio Scale T-47 Snowspeeder by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Built for the Clay Brown Collection from the kit originally mastered by Nick Sainton-Clark (then turned over to Nice-N Model designs and cast by MSLZ22 Models), artist Richard Long made this piece fan...

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UPDATE #1! 1:650 USS YAMATO – WIP for the Modeler Magic Collection

This REL mastered Galaxy Class beastie continues it’s progress under the skilled hands of artist Dan Grumeretz!!!


Quick update...

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HUGE! 1:650 USS YAMATO Build BEGINS for the Modeler Magic Collection

Finally…. after years of being placed on the back burner, this piece has made it to the front of the line to be built! Industry known artist Dan Grumeretz (of Grumeretz Illustration) is taking on this...

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