Studio Scale T-47 Snowspeeder by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Built for the Clay Brown Collection from the kit originally mastered by Nick Sainton-Clark (then turned over to Nice-N Model designs and cast by MSLZ22 Models), artist Richard Long made this piece fantastic and very original! Most replicas are just that… replicated mark for mark like the studio models used in filming. Richard was granted artist license by Clay to make this beast a random Rebel T-47…. making it unique…. and of more value in my humble opinion.  Keep in mind that these studio sized pieces are very large at 18 inches by 18 inches! Beautifully done!

Of note… Richard Long is currently working on two original castings for Modeler Magic from the original molds that Nick made… as they were some of the first castings ever of this kit. I am very excited to take Blue Screen shots if them when they arrive soon!







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