Studio USS DEFIANT Replica by Richard Long & Dan Grumeretz for the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Collection

Years ago, when artist Richard Long told me he wanted to make the Studio Scale Defiant, I went admittedly crazy with the chance to get that build from him! Today… this build has come to reality with Richards magical pattern making skills! I love this! Due to time constraints for Richards work, we decided to move the Defiant from Richards over packed plate after he painted the hull. It was already made beautiful with Richard amazing skills, and now needed proper lighting. This is where Dan Grumeretz stepped in to complete this fantastic piece. Dan placed in a solid armature, even though the model weighs very little, then added lighting from HYPERDYNE LABS. The windows were drilled out, with acrylic rods added for even distribution of the lighting. A few more needed details were added with undercuts to make it like the studio model, then we decided at that point, for the future of the model, to remove all the decal markings, starting fresh with having Dan paint them all on! That, plus a few vinyl add-on’s and this beastie is screen ready! We do have one minor issue that is currently being addressed. The blue engine lighting suffered when the rest of the lighting was added, not being able to get as bright as we wanted them. This is being corrected for the upcoming Blue Screen photos at the end of this month, so stay tuned! I am extremely pleased with the work of master pattern maker Richard Long, and the fantastic talents of Dan Grumeretz! BOTH of these artists have been amazing, great friends as well as amazing artists. Thank you both! A special thanks goes to Doug Drexler as well for assisting Richard with the accuracy of this model. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

Below is an early engine lighting test photo from Dan showing the brightness the blue will be…

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 029b Early Light Test

Here are the photos from Dan that the blue engine lighting still needs fixing…

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 001b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 002b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 003b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 006b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 007b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 011b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 012b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 013b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 014b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 015b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 021b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 024b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 025b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 026b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 027b

KG_DG_RL_defiant0905 028b

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Richard Long

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Dan Grumeretz


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