HUGE! 1:650 USS YAMATO Build BEGINS for the Modeler Magic Collection

Finally…. after years of being placed on the back burner, this piece has made it to the front of the line to be built! Industry known artist Dan Grumeretz (of Grumeretz Illustration) is taking on this 40 inch beast of which only has a few in the world built of it as USS Enterprise 1701-D. We are deciding between USS Galaxy or USS Yamato currently. The kit was the original kit that famed artist Richard Long mastered. Other than the one Richard is building himself, the only others in existence are that of the build by James Gaunt… and another by Jim Key… which makes this piece extremely rare… and VERY valuable…as is theirs. Dan is going to make this piece shine for all to see when it is displayed! Watch for more progress by Dan very soon! This piece is due to be completed before February 2013!….. Excitement is stirring!!

Some real quick photos. I’m doing the window masks over again. I didn’t like the fit on the yellow masks. The grey masks worked but I couldn’t see them on the model. Now I have got the window sizes down and I am just now putting them on. I’m masking them all and will black out ones later. That way if one blows off here or there it won’t matter. Once the masks are on I have a seam or two to fix and then I can prime the upper hull and start light testing. I’ll also be working on getting the armature to hold the saucer section onto the saucer mount so it lines up correctly with the secondary hull. With that lined up I can mask those windows and prime the saucer.
More soon.






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