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LIS B9 Robot by Christopher Callaghan for the Mike Greaney Collection

Artist Christopher Callaghan is back with another great build of the Lost in Space B9 Robot! This one is now in the collection of Mike Greaney! As you can see.. no detail was missed in this build...

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“FREEDOM” Shuttle from Armageddon by Chris Callaghan

Most everyone remembers the film Armageddon, and the reason the mission specific shuttles were built...

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B-9 Robot ‘Revisited’ by Chris Callaghan

The B-9 Robot…everyone in my generation knows this machine from Lost in Space...

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Lost In Space ROBOT B9 by Christopher Callaghan

“DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!”  That is what I hear in my head when I see this Robot B9! Artist Chris Callaghan captures this character perfectly with flailing arms even! This is only one of many different ...

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Revell CYLON Raider by Christopher Callaghan

Artist Christopher Callaghan is back with another fantastic build from Battlestar Galactica! This TOS Cylon Raider is beautiful...

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SOLD!! 1:35 TOS Colonial Viper from Christopher Callaghan


Battlestar Galactica


Professionally built  from the Revell Kit,

Artist Chris Callaghan placed many hours into this piece!

$300 plus Shipping

Email Chris for Details an...

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Galactica “Forced Perspective” Landing Bay Diorama by Christopher Callaghan

I love when artists do unique builds… and this is one of those. The term “Forced Perspective” is a term well used in the film industry as most of what we’ve viewed in past movie’s special effects...

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TOS Cylon Raider by Christopher Callaghan

Here is another TOS Battlestar Galactica build from artist Christopher Callaghan. Using the Revell/Monogram kit, Chris turned this build into a piece worthy of a fine collection...

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1:32 Colonial Viper by Christopher Callaghan

This is a great build of the Revell Monogram Colonial Viper by artist Christopher Callaghan. What really makes this piece is his weathering on this fighter...

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1:4105 Battlestar GALACTICA built by Christopher Callaghan

Today I have the pleasure of introducing another artist to this Gallery… Mr. Christopher Callaghan. His first showing is of the Monogram Re-release from Revell models and was done pretty much as so...

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