1:4105 Battlestar GALACTICA built by Christopher Callaghan

Today I have the pleasure of introducing another artist to this Gallery… Mr. Christopher Callaghan. His first showing is of the Monogram Re-release from Revell models and was done pretty much as so. This is a great example of how good the original offered model kit can look with a paint job and extra attention to detail placed on where originally there was none on the kit. Christopher’s choice to photograph it in the snow was quite clever as well…. and made the Battlestar look even larger than the kit truly is. I am going to enjoy showing this artists works.

To contact artist Christopher Callaghan direct, please click HERE.

Revellogrom build up 033

Revellogrom build up 032

Revellogrom build up 034

Revellogrom build up 036

Revellogrom build up 037

Revellogrom build up 039

Revellogrom build up 041

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