1:32 Colonial Viper by Christopher Callaghan

This is a great build of the Revell Monogram Colonial Viper by artist Christopher Callaghan. What really makes this piece is his weathering on this fighter. And I just love how his snow backdrops really make the model seem to pop. I love when artists utilize natural light and backdrops for the models. Nicely done. Another point of impression is how durable this model is even when thrust into real snow! It shocked me at first to see it that way. But what a beautiful shot it made! I hope Christopher doesn’t mind, but I took the liberty of digitally removing the stand from the Viper in the first photo. I couldn’t resist finding out what it would look like skimming the snowy surface.

To contact artist Christopher Callaghan direct, please click HERE.

Viperfection 006A

diorama 003

Viperfection 007

Viperfection 008

Viperfection 009

Viperfection 010

Viperfection 011

Viperfection 012

Viperfection 013

Viperfection 003

Viperfection 004

Viperfection 005

Viperfection 001

Viperfection 002

Viperfection 015

diorama 004

Viperfection 014

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