Lost In Space ROBOT B9 by Christopher Callaghan

“DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!”  That is what I hear in my head when I see this Robot B9! Artist Chris Callaghan captures this character perfectly with flailing arms even! This is only one of many different sized in his collections of B9’s. Very nicely done!

Here is what Chris has to say…

This is my Robot from Lost In Space. A member at the RPF asked what others did to their B9’s, so since it was out, I snapped these pix:

It’s the vinyl Masudaya 15 1/2″ talking kit. I painted him up to look first season, and totally redid the claws, they were SO toy-like! I spent hours puttying, cutting, gluing, sanding, etc. The rest of the model was basically assemble & paint. I’m still amazed at how accurate the kit is overall! The ‘talk box’ it comes with is SO cheap, though.


To contact artist Christopher Callaghan direct, please click HERE.

B9 robot 004

B9 robot 005

B9 robot 006

B9 robot 007

B9 robot 008

B9 robot 009

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