B-9 Robot ‘Revisited’ by Chris Callaghan

The B-9 Robot…everyone in my generation knows this machine from Lost in Space. Recently artist Chris Callaghan revisited a former build he did of the Robot, making it even more realistic to the full sized unit used in the series. Very well done!

Here is what Chris has to say…

I *very* recently revisited my Robot. I redid the paint job, fabricated a new chest light piece out of clear Viper canopy sprues and fixed the over-sized shoulder hooks. He’s so shiny now!

Christopher Callaghan

To contact artist Christopher Callaghan direct, please click HERE.

B9 robot 026

B9 robot 027

B9 robot 032

B9 robot 031

B9 robot 033

B9 robot 034

B9 robot 035

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