Studio Scale X-Wing RED 4 built by Ian Lawrence

I first viewed the progress on this piece a few weeks ago. When I did, I noticed its origin was either that of the original Captain Cardboard kit, or possibly an actual ICONS Replicas original release back in the ’90’s. I now believe this body to be a re-build of an ICONS release which was made from a re-built casting of one of the actual Pyro models used in 1977’s Star Wars.

Ian never ceases to amaze me with his skills as a master, professional modeler. One of the beautiful additions to this piece was that which was taken away in the open paneling.. showing the interior hoses of the engineered X-Wing! Fantastic! Also…being this is RED 4 really made a difference. We collectors hardly ever see RED 4 built, and viewing THIS interpretation of it is absolutely refreshing! Once again… another masterpiece from master U.K. Artist Ian Lawrence!



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