FINAL UPDATE! 1:350 (29 inch) Re-Imagined K’TINGA from Richard Long

This magnificent piece is nearly complete as Richard finalizes the lighting and is finally able to assemble it into it’s final form! All that is left (after the lighting) is adding the pylons and nacelles that will tip this piece into full Klingon mode! This piece screams KLINGON WARRIOR!  The next time you view this piece it will be the final shots for it to be sold to some lucky collector out there. So if you are interested…. get those PayPal accounts ready to click! REMEMBER…. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE OF THESE BEING MADE IN THIS SCALE OF THIS DESIGN! That stated… UNIQUE… and RARE are two words to best describe it. Richard has even been approached by a few Star trek Gaming Companies to utilize this design in future electronic games! This design is simply stated… FANTASTIC!

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