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Cylon Raider Squadron with SCAR by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Richard Long… an artist name synonymous with the words quality, and art...

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MPC Millennium Falcon build by Richard Long for the Clay Brown Collection

Suddenly, like out of thin air,  several builds of the MPC Millennium Falcon kit are showing up! I remember how ‘challenged’ that kit was, and by the look of the builds I have been viewing....

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SOLD!! TOS Cylon Raider with Lighting by Richard Long


Now in the Hector Rosales Collection!

Battlestar Galactica


With full lighting package!



International Shipping Available at Cost

This piece is...

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SOLD!! 1:1400 Klingon Vor’Cha Cruiser with Fiber Optic Lighting by Richard Long


Star Trek

1:1400 KLINGON VorCha Cruiser


U.S. Domestic Shipping Included!

International Shipping Available at Cost.

This is a build up of the Ertl Vor’cha Klingon cruiser from The N...

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1:72 Fine Molds TIE Fighters by Richard Long

As studio model replicas become more rare to find, famed artist Richard Long is back with these fantastic builds of the TIE FIGHTERS by Fine Molds! These pieces are beautiful with their color...

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The 5th Element – LeeLoo’s Hand by Richard Long


Artist Richard Long never ceases to amaze me with his skills. He is like the Mozart of this art form, and truly a world class artist...

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1:72 Fine Molds X-Wings by Richard Long

Artist Richard Long… a name that suddenly popped up 7 years ago to become one of the most famed artists in this industry and hobby! Quality being one of the words nest describing his art, to...

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X-Files ALIEN Bust by Richard Long

When I first laid eyes on this piece, I would have sworn it was made by famed industry sculptor Jordu Schell, but then… looking closer at the page I noticed it was in fact created by famed ar...

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B5 Star Fury by Richard Long for the David Jones Collection

Famed artist Richard long returns with a fantastic build for the David Jones Collection of a Revell, Babylon 5 Star Fury Fighter! This has got to be one of the best build of this model I have seen to ...

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Studio Scale AT-ST – HASBRO Toy Conversion by Richard Long for the Michael Plante Collection

Hasbro just keeps getting better and better with their toys being more and more like the Studio Models! This one is studio scale! Famed artist Richard Long made this to look fantastic and it ...

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