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A Re-Imagined Battle – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I was so inspired by the creation of famed artist Richard Long that as soon as he published the final photos of the piece (SEEN HERE), I had an immediate scene pop into my head that you now s...

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SOLD!! 1:650 (29 Inch!) Re-Imagined Klingon D-7/K’Tinga from Richard Long


June 23, 2011

Built as a one off just to see where his imagination would take him, here is the fantastic and re-imagined Klingon D7/K’Tinga that Richard Long created! Originally think...

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FINAL UPDATE! 1:350 (29 inch) Re-Imagined K’TINGA from Richard Long

This magnificent piece is nearly complete as Richard finalizes the lighting and is finally able to assemble it into it’s final form! All that is left (after the lighting) is adding the pylons...

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UPDATE #3 Re-Imangined 1:350 K’Tinga by Richard Long

Another great update from Richard Long on his re-imagined K’Tinga Design...

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UPDATE #2 Re-Imangined 1:350 K’Tinga by Richard Long

Here is another fantastic update to Richard Long’s re-imagined K’Tinga! I LOVE THIS PIECE! It is truly one that deserves the attention of the Studio and Director producing the new Trek Films!...

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UPDATE #1 Re-Imangined 1:350 K’Tinga by Richard Long

Famed artist Richard Long continues to impress with this fantastic re0imagined design of the Klingon K’Tinga! I would very much like to see this design make it onto the big screen in one of t...

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1:350 RE-IMAGINED Klingon K’Tinga Battlecruiser “WIP” by Richard Long

Along with all of the amazing and fantastic projects famed artist Richard Long is working on, this one very much intrigues me...

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Re-Imangined Battlestar by Brian Larsen of Larsen Arts

As stated in the Viper showing, I had originally seen this artist’s site years ago… and was impressed. Unfortunately I was never able to contact him...

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