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Dae Choi – Disney’s Hollywood Studio 1/140 Hollywood Tower of Terror Miniature

I built my favorite attraction at Walt Disney world. The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studio. It’s paper construction with some interior and lights. I also put in a working elevator...

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Clayton Wagner / Robert Wagner / Mike Garland / Model Ship Masters / Mid-County Fabricating / River Bottom Studios – Fantastic Collection Displays at the Wagner Family Candy Store!

I recently became aware of this magical Candy Store in MN. that had all of these wonderful displays… so I invited Clayton Wagner to show it all off… and here is all he shared…

Here is a picture of th...

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Krzysztof Wilczyński Models & Dioramas – STAR WARS – Light Cruiser, ARQUINTES Class – Work in Progress #1

Some times ago I started a new project. It is a Light Cruiser, Arquintes Class. Like always I am building from scratch with paper. The project is in progress. At the moment, the model looks like this...

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Wiktor Wilczyński (11 Year Old Son of Krzysztof Wilczyński) – BATTLESTAR – Work in Progress

I have the great pleasure today of introducing a new artist to our pages…....

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Anthony Santos – Disney’s THE BLACK HOLE – USS PALOMINO

A few of the best things that came from Disney’s 1979 film, The Black Hole, were the interesting ship designs...

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Anthony Santos – Star Wars: ROGUE ONE – Director Krennic’s Shuttle

Here is one I completed a short time ago… My Delta-Class T-3c Shuttle from Star Wars Rogue One with tube Ion engines. Director Krennic’s Shuttle!
Anthony Santos

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Anthony Santos – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Mk6, TWO-Seat Colonial Viper – An Original Design

Card stock artist Anthony Santos recently sent me these wonderful photos of his latest creation and design,....

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Anthony Santos – 2010:The Year We Make Contact – LEONOV

I hope you all are well during these crazy times.

I finally got to scan some old photos of the Leonov that I made from scratch back in 1986/87. It took a year and four months to complete...

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Dae Choi – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – JABBA’S Sail Barge

Artist Dae Choi never disappoints as he shows us his scratch build of Jabba’s Sail Barge,… made of paper card stock! Fantastic!

Dae Choi




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Ray Vaughn – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – 6 Foot! – GR-75 REBEL TRANSPORT

Artist Ray Vaughn has taken more photos of his fantastic 6 foot GR-75 Rebel Transport. As you can see, the details are beautiful! Wonderful work indeed!

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