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Terminator Endow Skelton Hand by Anthony Santos

CARDBOARD!!! Impressive!

Made of card board and wooden dowels, using my hand as blueprint.


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John Toland Paper Models – Sentinel Class – DD 354 Valkyrie and DD 355 Repulse

I continue to be intrigued with this artist’s use of everyday items to build his models. Good job John.


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Sahara Class BSG 44 – Hawkins – Paper Model by John Toland

John continues to show us his skills using various supplies to create these models. This one has since received a new paint job since these photos were taken.


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Pulsar Class – Battlestar 57 – Ticonderoga – Paper Model by John Toland


John Toland

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John Toland’s Paper Star Destroyer Build

More from paper modeler John Toland! What  great use of materials!


John Toland

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Bernard Szukiel Presents the 54 Inch PAPER Model – Jabba’s Sail Barge

Paper model maker Bernard Szukiel continues to inspire us all! This is amazingly detailed and fine model making! The photos of this piece by Adam Wołosz are fantastic as well!


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