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1:6 Jim Lee’s BATMAN by Ray Lawson II

Batman is a super hero that has been redesigned again and again by different artists...

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ANH and ROTJ 41 inch Blockade Runners – WIP (Update 1) by Ray Lawson II for the Modeler Magic Collection

These massive 41 inch Chris Kelley Blockade Runner kits are going together quite well from what artist Ray Lawson II tells me! Here are the most recent updates! As you can see....

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F4U Corsair by Ray Lawson II

Before working on science fiction models as he is doing currently, artist Ray Lawson II mastered many builds that encompassed many different genre’s… like this WWII beauty… the F4U!!!




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ANH and ROTJ 41 inch Blockade Runners – WIP’s by Ray Lawson II for the Modeler Magic Collection

The new, and giant Blockade Runner Chris Kelley kit is amazing! Artist Ray Lawson II is building TWO different versions side by side! The very recognizable “A New Hope” version (the first ship we ever...

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Spiderman by Ray Lawson II

Ray Lawson is back with this fantastic build of Horizon Models….Spiderman! I love super-hero modeling!




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Moebius – IronMan 2 WAR MACHINE by Ray Lawson II

Since artist Ray Lawson is buried right now in building not one, but TWO of the massive Chris Kelley 41 inch Blockade Runners… I thought I would invite Ray to show some of his previous works on Modele...

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SUPERHERO Builds by Ray Lawson II

Artist Ray Lawson has returned with these wonderful superhero builds…

Here is what Ray has to say…

I thought I would you on what I’ve been building! A specialty of mine has always been vinyl and resin...

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SOLD!! 1:35 “Prehistoric Fast Food” Diorama by Ray Lawson II


Ray Lawson II


Dino Diorama!

“Prehistoric Fast Food”

$ Email for Pricing $

Plus Shipping

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.


This diorama is ...

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“What If” – NASCAR Colonial Viper with Pit Crew by Ray Lawson II

I have to admit… this is a great concept that I find extremely entertaining to view. Ray Lawson has done it again with this fantastic diorama!

Here is what Ray has to say…

Here’s a funny “What If?” bu...

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Elasmosaurus by Ray Lawson II

This beautiful display of an Elasmosaurus was built from an Horizon’s kit, with the coral base made by the hands of artist Ray Lawson II. I love the way he makes these beasts of old Earth come alive.

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