SUPERHERO Builds by Ray Lawson II

Artist Ray Lawson has returned with these wonderful superhero builds…

Here is what Ray has to say…

I thought I would you on what I’ve been building! A specialty of mine has always been vinyl and resin 1/6th scale figures. I built dozens of each of the horizon kits back in the 90’s for comic book shops and hobby shops around the area. A client of mine bought ten (5 for him and 5 for me) horizon superhero kits and three high end resin figures and these shots are of the ones I have finished so far. There is still two of the horizon kits left to do.


  • The huge Hulk is a garage kit and weights around 7 pounds.


  • The two Wolverine kits are from a company called Devils Own resin. They both have metal claws.


  • The Thor, Thing and Spiderman kits are horizon vinyl kits. I custom built the Spiderman base to better display the figure as I did for  the Thing kit. I built him as stepping thru a block wall, (made from cut Styrofoam found on the side of the road), and gave him a milliput putty “stogie” in his mouth.


Ray Lawson



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