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TWO Blockade Runners ARRIVE to the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

Earlier this week, and a direct drop shipping $800 delivery charge later,  a great treat arrived in the form of a 177 pound, 6 foot long wooden crate…...

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TWO 41 Inch Blockade Runners built by Ray Lawson II for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

After winning a few close to home Modeling Contests, artist Ray Lawson is now crating these two beautifully built 41 inch Blockade Runners to be sent to Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic for display...

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Kelley 41 Inch BLOCKADE RUNNER Build by Ray Lawson II

Ray Lawson is no newbie, but a very seasoned professional model builder...

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1:400 Titanic Wreck by Ray Lawson II

The Titanic. A vessel that has captured the minds of millions of our viewers in her tragic end, and in the beautiful design she was...

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USS DEFIANT by Ray Lawson II

Here is another beauty by Ray Lawson II…. the ghostly, glowing USS Defiant!





Ray Lawson II

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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ANH and ROTJ 41 inch Blockade Runners – WIP (Update 2) by Ray Lawson II for the Modeler Magic Collection

With a new job under his belt, these two 41 inch beastie’s have slowed in their progress a bit. However… they are coming along nicely by Ray!


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Wolverine BERSERKER by Ray Lawson II

Ray Lawson II shows this fantastic Wolverine built from the Devil’s Own Resin kit! He captures the cartoon drawn beast perfectly!







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“Gypsy Birth Control” Diorama by Ray Lawson II

Built for his father-in-law… this diorama is beautiful as is usual for Ray Lawson’s works!

I built this diorama for my father in law, who is a Vietnam veteran. He was a gunner on a Quad 50 gun truck...

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Devils Own – Ninja Turtle with Battle Scars – Way of the Sword by Ray Lawson II

Name that NINJA TURTLE!!! This is fantastic! One of the talents that attracted me toward the works of Ray Lawson is his ability to capture skin tones and textures… especially on Dinosaurs and Amphibia...

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1:35 D-Day Diorama by Ray Lawson II

This is a fantastic diorama showing the beach landings of D-Day in WWII! Ray has outdone himself!

Here’s another all 1/35th scale Diorama… DDAY! Landing craft is from Trumpeter, and the figures are fr...

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