BSG Weapons Raptor by Pierre Drolet

After all these years I am still drooling over this design and work of Pierre’s!!

They used to called it the “Space Jeep” in the office. (I can’t remember who came up with that name). The Visual Effects Supervisor Gary Hutzel never liked that spaceship and so for my first task when I joined the team at Universal Studios was to rebuild the Raptor. I was limited in what I could do in terms of adding or slightly redesigning it because they had already built a real size model on the set. I didn’t know Gary too well at that time and it was my first day at the office. So I asked Gary what was his directive about rebuilding the Raptor? Gary looks at me and said, “Just have fun with it,” and left. I knew that he really meant it and he wanted to make me feel comfortable, but for what ever reason that made me felt uneasy. This was the first time a supervisor gave me a directive that was wide open for interpretation. I thought to myself that the meaning of fun can turn very fast to a recipe for disaster, if I didn’t meet his expectation, and so I followed his directive and everything went very well. In fact Gary came back and asked me for more, so I turned the Space Jeep to a Space Apache by adding on all kinds of bad ass weaponry.

I was gone to another company during the production or Blood & Chrome. One of my ex-coworker brought to my attention something I didn’t pay attention at first sight, about the B&C Raptor or “Wild Weasel”. They simply took the tail wing and the engine of the Caprica Blackhawk and pasted it on the extended Raptor’s body. The wings mini-guns has been reconfigured side by side on the rear… so, not much modeling was involved on that B&C Wild Weasel.





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Pierre Drolet


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