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Ralph McQuarries Concept Cylon Fighter – Build TRIBUTE by Garry King

Artist Garry King continues his tribute to Ralph McQuarrie with this fantastic, and huge build of the Cylon Raider as designed by Ralph himself!! I must admit… Garry’s works continue to amaze me!



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HUGE! 3.8 Meter LEGO Seterra by Thomas Haas

Lego is an art form all it’s own!… And a fantastic one it is! This is amazing! Artist Thomas Haas is yet another of the great LEGO builders of our time… and we are able to show his creation today with...

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Ralph McQuarrie Tribute LEGO BUILD – The Viper by Garry King

Professional LEGO artist Gary King continues his Ralph McQuarrie Tribute with this magnificent build of the very original design that never saw the light for Battlestar Galactica in 1978...

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FINISHED! HUGE RMQ Concept Base Star by Garry King

This is simply BEAUTIFUL! Garry Kind has again outdone himself with this massive LEGO build of the McQuarrie concept Base Star from Battlestar Galactica! This is the design we were looking toward for ...

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HUGE Ralph McQuarrie Base Star LEGO Build by Garry King

Artist Garry King again comes forward with his incredible talents! I am blown away be this amazing piece… the Ralph McQuarrie designed Cylon Basestar concept from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica film...

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43 Inch Cylon Base Star – LEGO Build by Garry King

I simply cannot get enough of this artist’s works! Garry King is a LEGO Master Builder that I am honored to show on Modeler Magic. Here is his Ron Moore CYLON Base Star…… HUGE at 43 inches! Fantastic!

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HUGE! 122 Inch!! Battlestar Valkyrie by Garry King!

Artist Garry King never… ever ceases to amaze me with his art work! This fantastic LEGO build of the Battlestar Valkyrie is simply fantastic...

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47 Inch! Lego CYLON Base Star by Garry King

Lego artist Garry King has returned with this fantastic Lego Cylon Base Star, based off the Ron Moore series design that Eric Chu came up with for the show...

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Battlestar DEFENDER – LEGO Build by Garry King

Master Lego artist Garry King is back with another fantastic variant from Battlestar Galactica… the Defender! Beautifully done!

This is what Garry has to say of this piece…


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Battlestar Galactica Shuttle – LEGO Build by Garry King

The amazing LEGO artist Garry King is back with this outstanding build of the Galactica Shuttle from the original 1978 film. This piece is magnificent!

Here is what Garry has to say of this piece…


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