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Nearly 60 Inch!!! Battlestar Galactica – Lego build by Garry King

I absolutely love LEGOs! Showing these fantastic pieces that Garry and other Lego artists have produced really brings back some fun memories.

This piece is magnificent! At nearly 60 inches i...

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LEGO 43 Inch!! BSG75 Galactica by Bart Larrow

Lego building is a form of art I had never considered before just a month ago. Then Garry King’s works were shown to me….. and now we have a dedicated area for them!

I have the great pleasure...

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73 Inch!! BATTLESTAR Berzerk – LEGO build by Garry King

Yesterday I received an email from the amazing artist who designed the Ron Moore GALACTICA as well as a few of that shows other designs… Mr. Eric Chu...

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