HUGE Ralph McQuarrie Base Star LEGO Build by Garry King

Artist Garry King again comes forward with his incredible talents! I am blown away be this amazing piece… the Ralph McQuarrie designed Cylon Basestar concept from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica film. Absolutely stunning!


So here are the first images of Ralph McQuarrie’s  Cylon Baseship. From all five images I have found on the net this is what I have come up with. These are from the start of the construction stage … I usually only display them on one of my other sites.

001 . Work out how large to build it and how many angles it will need to make it look round enough.

002.  Set out the basic round frame that will hold the disc shape.

003. A closer view of the frame.

004. Constructing all the support frame that will brace the whole structure and allow panels and loads of detail.

005.  A side view of the frame.

006.  Trialling out the first layers of detail.

007.  A test to see if the frame will support its self.

008. The first test to see what is needed to mount it on a stand to make the build easier and when comes time to do the final photo shoot  I can roll it around rather than carry it.

009.  Layering on the detail to the main hull. With 18 sections it is very repetitive and easy in some aspects but all time consuming, having enough parts is always an issue and of course there are ways around that.

010.  A closer view of the main lower hull.

I hope you liked the beginnings of my tribute to Mr Ralph McQuarrie. It is a shame that there are no models of this impressive concept he devised many years ago. If there is I was unable to locate them on the internet.

Have a great day.

Regards Garry











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