HUGE! 3.8 Meter LEGO Seterra by Thomas Haas

Lego is an art form all it’s own!… And a fantastic one it is! This is amazing! Artist Thomas Haas is yet another of the great LEGO builders of our time… and we are able to show his creation today with this vessel he calls SETERRA! Check it out!

Last year I finished my Lego project Seterra and would be happy and honored you could show it on your Gallery side. Please find below a short discription of the project:

It took me about 3 years to finish the Seterra. I used countless parts and the size of the SHIP was a challenge, as I had to find a place for the final completion. The SHIP is 3,8 m long, approx 1,4 m wide and 0,6 m high.

There is no wooden or steel inner frame used, all is based on Lego. But due to this – to achieve a sufficient stability- it is quite heavy and not possible to move anymore.

The shape and some of the structural elements of the SHIP are a homage to several famous space ships. The idea of the main shape comes from the “old” Galactica, parts of the side of the front part from the star destroyers, the bridges from the Invisible Hand. The green park is a homage to the space ship from the movie “Silent Running”.

Thomas Haas

Bild 1

To visit Thomas Haas MOC pages…. click the banner link below..


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