USS Prometheus NX-59650 Render by Brandon MacDougall

Originally given to me by industry modeler Mark Dickson, and shown here back on October 14, 2009, I learned tonight this fantastic Prometheus was done by Foundation Imaging artist Brandon MacDougall. Brandon’s work in the industry is very noted and one of the reasons we love model designs today. I thought it appropriate to show this again on our front page so that we may finally acknowledge this fine artist’s name.

I wish to thank both Brandon MacDougall and Mark Dickson for sharing this wonderful piece so that artists all around the world may re-create what we have all dreamed since viewing these models in the movies.

Here is Brandon MacDougall’s USS Prometheus as seen in Star Trek Voyager from Foundation Imaging.

USS Prometheus NX-59650-sized

To contact Artist Brandon MacDougall direct, please click HERE.

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