OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Studio Scale TOS Cylon Base Star from TITAN Models & Memorabilia




1978 Battlestar Galactica

Studio Scale


“By Your Command!” Titan models is proud to announce a special studio scale kit offer. The studio scale Cylon Base Ship! Patterned by industry famed artist Mark Dickson this replica is a stunning achievement in engineering and accuracy. Mark began his quest to build the Cylon Base Ship in 1990. Mark surveyed the actual filming miniature by taking hundreds of reference photos and first hand measurements of the miniature. There is nothing miniature about this highly detailed replica! The main disks are over 36″ wide!! Special care was taken in making sure the replica has all the same “greeblies” Apogee used when detailing the actual filming miniature. Over 103 vintage model kits were used to detail the Base Ship. The Cylon Base Ship kit includes a strong multi piece cast acrylic armature and hundreds of pressure cast bubble free detailed resin castings. Each casting has been examined for defects and is replaced if necessary before shipping. Mark used left over castings from Apogee to model many areas of the ship. This replica is a completely re-mastered work of art. Special attention was given to ensure correct asymmetry for an accurate replica. Mark also left
no detail out. Mark supplied Titan kit producers paint swatches taken directly from the film used miniature.

Industry famed model maker, John LeValley (Starship Troopers, 5th Element) has taken on the momentous task of building the 1st Cylon Base Ship kit! This filming replica will be on display at Wonderfest 2013. A limited number of the Studio Scale Cylon Basestar kits will be available for purchase at Wonderfest 2013. If you have any questions or want more information on this amazing replica please send us an email to admin@titansciencefiction.com .






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