Kuhn Global’s 40.5 Inch REPUBLIC & IMPERIAL Venator Class Star Destroyers – NOW COMPLETED! – by Dan Grumeretz

These two beautiful builds were done by artist Dan Grumeretz for the Collection here. They began life as patterns created by artist Alfred Wong for the now defunct company PRECISIONEER. Now those patterns are owned by KORBANTH, and having been slightly modified, are now for sale on their site.
There were many things done to these two kits to make them look like they do. Many modifications to make then each look like what we viewed in the Revenge of the Sith. The kit was patterned after the Revell model, which has been stated as having been created with the digital files. Artist Alfred Wong did a magnificent job making these patterns a much larger version of that kit. That stated, I wanted these to be as movie accurate (from what I viewed) as we could make them at this size (Which when finished measured 40.5 inches… ~1/1000). I state that because we also have a 6 foot Venator in the wings just waiting to be pushed to the bench.
As stated above, much work went into the modifications of the bridge, engine area, the belly docking area, the guns, the front, and much more. Even the tiny gun turrets were added in the trenches. I could go over all the changes, but that would require quite a bit of reading. I leave it to your capable eyes to determine what has been changed, and added. Know that the new KORBANTH kits themselves are quite excellent.
I wish to thank Alfred Wong for creating these fine kits, Korbanth for continuing to sell them, and most of all Dan Grumeretz for his amazing work on both of these excellent displays. Like the entire Kuhn Global Collection shall be, these will soon be displayed in a Museum for all to see. They are amazing!
My usual Blue Screen Photos shall soon follow, showing much more in the fine details of these great builds. I have been getting new lighting, and we are setting it up currently.
Peace be unto you..
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic

Below: Dan Grumeretz and Kurt Kuhn with the two 40.5 Inch VENATOR Class Star Destroyers

Below: The Republic & Imperial Venator Class Star Destroyers



Below: Republic Star Destroyer Paint Job

Below: Imperial VENATOR Class Paint Job

Below: The Builds