Patrick Reilly Brings to Life the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing Concept Painting

The scene was composited using 4 photos.
– 1/24 McQuarrie X wing model
– 1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter (duplicated)
– 2 deathstar panels from Bandai

The Images were cropped and composited in Photoshop. Some areas were darkened with shadows or lightened with highlights for the best values to accentuate the ships.

The saturation was pulled back slightly, and lightened, on some elements in the background for atmospheric perspective.

Motion blur was added to the Deathstar walls for a sense of speed. And standard blur to the tie fighters indicate distance.

The only hand illustrated parts were the lasers, x-wing exhaust , and a couple of shadows on the Deathstar.

A very subtle wash of greyish blue was applied to everything to tie it all together and some noise was added for film grain to give it a “film still” look.

This was a very rare instance where the whole process took very little time.

Patrick Reilly

Here is the actual Concept Art by Ralph McQuarrie

…and here is the final piece using physical models by Patrick…

…and the photos and kit parts used to create it all…


Patrick Reilly







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