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FM Studio Scale B-Wing by Chris Kelley for the Caleb Dickison Collection

Using the B-Wing Reference from the Modeler Magic Reference area, (big thank you to Jason Eaton for those), artist Chris Kelley created this piece for the Caleb Dickson Collection using the now out of...

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Chris Kelley Builds the FM Model Co. Studio Scale B-Wing

Chris Kelley builds the extremely hard to find FM Model Company Studio Scale B-Wing! Fantastic!


To ...

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KIT ALERT! 1:20 Colonial Viper MK II from FM Model Company



Colonial Viper MK II

Kit Producer: FM Model Company Viper_MarkII

Kit Scale: 1/20

Kit Materials: Resin

Kit Price: Normally $350 USD plus shipping

(As of Today, December 4 thru Decembe...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Viper Heaven!! ALL 4 Styled VIPERS in Studio Scale!! from Chris Dobinson


Chris Dobinson


FOUR Studio Vipers!!

All 4 Together for

$1,000 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a once in a great while offer that I don’t believe will last long! The kits alone that were pu...

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1:32 Viper Mk VIIE by Chris Dobinson

Built from the amazing TimeSlip Creations Kit, master modeler Chris Dobinson did this piece absolute justice! As with his 1:20 FM Model Company Mk VII build (SEEN HERE) his use of weathering is top no...

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