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Falcon built by Dean Dymerski

One thing is for certain… when Dean Dymerski gets some thing to weather… he does it fantastically! He did so with Master Replicas MF Paint Master… and so he does with this Fine Molds kit of the Falcon...

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FRANKENSTEIN – Two Paint-ups by Dean Dymerski

What can I say about these that isn’t just pure praise? Master Artist Dean Dymerski did his usual fantastic artwork on the painting of these two sculptures of the legendary FRANKENSTEIN Family! He eve...

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1:1 Face Hugger from ALIEN built by Dean Dymerski

You are slowly waking from what has seemed to be a nightmare. As you regain your vision you notice you are in a dark cavern, some industrial parts showing, but mainly fleshy material...

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ECTO 1 after STAYPUFF Man Explosion Diorama by Dean Dymerski

We all know the gooey end to the giant StayPuff Marshmallow Man toward the end of Ghostbusters...

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1:20 Battle Damaged MK II Viper built by Dean Dymerski

Being the ‘hot dog’ fighter pilot she is, Lt. Kara Thrace “Starbuck” only cares about results when flying her missions… at any cost!

Here is an excellent representation of Starbuck’s battle damaged M...

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1:24 RED 5 X-Wing built by Dean Dymerski

Built from a pattern, professional modeler did one of the best RED 5 paint jobs I have seen yet for his client, and collector Gerard Follano! This is definitely one to be proud of...

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27 Inch BLOCKADE RUNNER Tantive IV built by Dean Dymerski

Once again showing his professional skills, Dean Dymerski masterfully builds and weathers this beautiful 27 inch Randy Cooper kit to be a museum piece for a very lucky collector! A beautiful pi...

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Kabuci RED 5 X-wing built by Dean Dymerski

This piece was built from the extremely detailed kit that even breaks down the interior parts to be shown under the outer skin!

Professional modeler Dean Dymerski worked wonders with this piece with h...

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Studio Scale Draconian Marauder (Hatchet Fighter) built by Dean Dymerski

Built from the wonderful Mark Bradley studio scale kit, professional modeler Dean Dymerski made this piece come to life...

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Shuttle Tydirium built by Dean Dymerski

This fantastic piece was built from the MPC kit! professional modeler Dean Dymerski once again shows his skills in making a simple plastic kit look like a studio model! Outstanding work!

To contact De...

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