1:1 Face Hugger from ALIEN built by Dean Dymerski

You are slowly waking from what has seemed to be a nightmare. As you regain your vision you notice you are in a dark cavern, some industrial parts showing, but mainly fleshy material. Then you look in front of you and see the enormous egg now opening up as you realize you cannot move…. and the nightmare is REAL! The face hugger emerges quickly, wrapping it’s fingers around your skull and it’s tail around your neck as it begins to force something down your throat! You panic, but can do nothing about it. As your mind screams in terror, you lose consciousness once again…. not realizing that the nightmare is only beginning.

This beautiful piece is a 1:1 creation of that face hugging beast that is only the beginning of terror. Professional modeler Dean Dymerski captured the slimy, evil essence of this beast in his paint and texturizing of it!

Truly…. in space no one can hear you scream!

An excellent piece by Dean Dymerski!

To contact Dean regarding his services, please click on his name here… DEAN DYMERSKI.


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