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Studio Scale RED 3 V2 X-Wing built by Dean Dymerski

This fantastic piece was done to resemble the 4 foot X-wing made for, but not used in, Return of the Jedi...

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1:1 Stargate SG1 THOR sculpted by Dean Dymerski

What fan doesn’t know this face? From SG1, professional artist Dean Dymerski uses his skills to create this being… THOR! And absolute beautiful, and realistic sculpt!

To contact Dean regarding his ser...

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1:35 JDF Diorama built by Dean Dymerski

This fantastic diorama was done by professional modeler Dean Dymerski. Just look at the intricate detailing that went into this piece of art! Fantastic work!

To contact Dean regarding his services, pl...

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Republic Commando Helmet by Dean Dymerski

Star Wars helmets. There are nothing like their ominous style. They virually made movie costuming different in every way...

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WWII German U-Boat built by Dean Dymerski

Today I have the great honor of showing another fantastic known artists work...

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