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Kuhn Global’s 1/20 FM Model Co Colonial Viper MK7e – Modified as the Pierre Drolet MK7B Replica – by Dan Grumeretz

Here is a model kit that has been sitting in a box for years. We are just now getting to many of those that have been waiting to be built...

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J.A.W.S. Models – Kuhn Global – Studio Scale APOGEE “The Long Patrol” Viper Replica by Dan Grumeretz

“The Long Patrol” …. this original series Battlestar Galactica Episode intrigued many with it’s early Viper design. The straight wing had a few people confused…lol...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept A-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Ralph McQaurrie will always be remembered for his brilliant and imaginative work in the film and art industry...

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KORBANTH Studio Scale X-Wing – The Kuhn Global ROGUE ONE Captain Merrick Fighter by Dan Grumeretz

We have so many studio scale X-Wings here on display...

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FOR SALE! Life Sized DARTH MAUL Bust by Dan Grumeretz



Star Wars: Ep1/Clone Wars/Rebels


Life Sized Bust

$350 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a Life Sized Bust of Darth Maul...

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Kuhn Global’s Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston 1/24 X-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

This one was along time coming. I purchased a few parts from the kit’s original pattern maker (Richard Long) years ago, and I knew then were parts missing...

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Kuhn Global Studio Scale -Buck Rogers- TRAEGER’s Starfighter Replica by Dan Grumeretz with Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

This model replica has been a thrill to photograph. Each angle simply looks menacing… and cool! I received this completed piece from Dan last year...

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Kuhn Global Studio Scale K’RONOS One (Qo’nos One) Replica by Dan Grumeretz – Kuhn Global Blue Screen Photos

What can I say? I have dreamed of this piece for quite some time…. and I know many of you have as well.

Built from the amazing Richard Long studio scale Klingon K’TINGA kit (of which only 5 or 6 were ...

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Dan Grumeretz Hasbro Conversion – ROTS Jedi ETA Fighters

Some of the Hasbro Toys are quite amazing. When growing up this quality and accuracy to the original model was never present. nor cared about by the Toy Producers of that time...

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KORBANTH 1/24 Poe Dameron BLUE T-70 “Closed Wing” X-Wing ** Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

After a few years of not doing so, I am getting back into the groove of doing these blue screen studio model photos again. I am very much enjoying myself in doing so...

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