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Life Sized CAD BANE Sculpt by Dan Grumeretz

This artist never ceases to amaze me with his great artistic talents…especially in sculpting! Here professional artist Dan Grumeretz shows us the evil bounty hunter… Cad Bane from the animate...

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1:1 Hammerhead Bust sculpted by Dan Grumeretz

Here is another life sized bust from professional artist Dan Grumeretz! This beautiful sculpt of the Hammerhead (as scene in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene of Star Wars – A New Hope) is absolut...

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Life Sized Admiral Ackbar bust sculpted by Dan Grumeretz

Wow! What a beautiful sculpt this is! VERY real in every respect, professional modeler/sculptor Dan Grumeretz once again proves his great skills! I am looking forward to utilizing him in the ...

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4LOM Life-Sized Bust sculpted by Dan Grumeretz

Another fantastic, life-sized sculpt by well known artist Dan Grumeretz! The 4LOM replica in still in progress, and yet the detail is absolutely amazing!

For inquiries of Dan’s services, plea...

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1:1 Gamorrean Guard sculpted by Dan Grumeretz

This piece is incredible! Without a doubt my friend, and professional artist, Dan Grumeretz is one of the best I have seen in this hobby! A fantastic job on this Life Sized Gamorrean Guard fr...

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C3PO Life Sized Bust by Dan Grumeretz

This amazing piece was done by my friend, and professional modeler, painter and sculptor Dan Grumeretz!

Dan captured 3PO as he looked during his being on Chewbacca’s back while chasing after ...

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KIT ALERT!!! From TimeSlip Creations – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Studio Scale CLOUD CAR



Studio Scale Cloud Car Kit!

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$395 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: Studio Scale

Shipping Amount: Shipping in the US is $40...

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1:1 Gamorrean Gaurd “In Works” by Dan Grumeretz

What a fantastic piece this is turning into! Professional Sculptor and Modeler Dan Grumeretz once again shows his dynamic skills in sculpting!

Here is what Dan had to say…

Here are some progr...

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