Christopher Olsen – B-wing Starfighter Build

This is my build of the Bandai 1/72 scale B-Wing starfighter.

I have fiber optics in the cockpit lit by a single LED in the rear of the cockpit.

The cockpit has 2 strips of copper tape (1- positive, 1-ground) which contact 2 other strips of copper tape in the ring holding the cockpit.

The connection allows the cockpit to fully rotate 360 degrees without losing power or twisting up wire.

The 4 engines are lit with 4x 3mm yellow flicker LEDs. I have a small piece of fiber optic split between the 2 ends of the front headlamps, which meet at a single white 0402 SMD LED controlled by a switch on the base.

And finally the wing laser canons have a .25mm piece of fiber in the very tip, with a 0402 Red SMD LED just behind them to illuminate the lasers,which fire when activated by a button in the base.

The model is attached to a metal tube which runs into the rear of the B-Wing through the center of the quad engine housing. The tube end is held in place by a metal washer inside the body and a rubber O-Ring outside the body, pinching the body of the B-Wing in-between, causing friction and allowing the B-Wing to rotate on the axis to display upright or horizontally.

The wings are also still able to fold in or out even with the laser SMD LED running through the wing into the body.

It was so much fun to build this ship, which is one of my favorites from the original trilogy. I hope you all enjoy.

Christopher Olson (ModelsbyChris)





Christopher Olsen


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