Jeremy Kennedy – Bandai 1/72 A-Wing Build

I finished this one a little differently than I usually do, in that I didn’t try to go for the “ILM” look of the original studio models. I was inspired by another build of this kit that I had seen, and fell in love with it. So tried to mimic more of it’s style.

The build, as always with these Bandai kits, was nothing short of perfection. You can paint almost all of the pieces separately, and then just assemble them at the end. That certainly helps in this case with the areas between the reds and whites.

For the white areas, I used at least 4 different shades of off white. Picking out some of the panels in slightly darker, or yellower tones. Similarly, with the reds, I used 5 different shades on different panels. Then lastly there were at least 4 different grey tones as well.

I used Flory washes on the panel lines, and around the raised red areas to give that look of “built up” grime.

Chipping was hand painted with a tiny brush, and different shades of grey on the red verses the chipping on the white. It doesn’t necessarily mimic the real world, but it makes it pop a little more.

AK Weathering Pencils were used for some streaking and as a filter in some areas, such as the bases of the vertical stabilizer. And then Tamiya Weathering Masters were used with small stiff Q-Tips to create the blaster marks.

All in all, a very fun kit, and this build has probably turned into the piece I’m most proud of.


Jeremy Kennedy






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