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Korbanth SUPER STAR DESTROYER built by Paul Nyul

This piece was originally shown on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on April 3, 2011… and I felt it a great build. Enough so to refresh it to the front page!

Australian artist Paul Nyul is back with t...

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KIT ALERT!! HUGE!! 27 Inch Wide!! Star Destroyer Bridge Section RE-MASTERED KIT from KORBANTH




27 Inch Wide!!

Star Destroyer Bridge Section KIT

$450 USD

Special Sale: $295 USD

You save $155 USD!!! (34%)

**Pricing Subject to Change when Special Sale is Completed*...

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Star Destroyer AVENGER by Paul Nyul

Artist Paul Nyul has returned with this fantastically detailed build of the Star Destroyer Avenger from the Sci-Fi Dynaics of ANIGRAND Kit! This piece could very well be used in filming today! The fin...

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Anigrand 27 Inch Star Destroyer by Steve Neill

Beautifully built from the Sci Fi Dynamics of Anigrand Kit, industry famed modeler Steve Neill just completed this piece for a client. Notice how Steve does his lighting on this Star Destroyer...

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Anigrand 27 Inch Star Destroyer AVENGER by Paul Nyul

We viewed artist Paul Nyul’s first resin build of Randy Cooper Star Destroyer HERE. Now see his second…with fiber optics in the formerly offered Sci Fi Dynamics of Anigrand kit...

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37.5 Inch COOPER Star Destroyer by Paul Nyul

I have the great pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery… from Australia, Artist Paul Nyul! Believe it or not this was Paul’s very first attempt at building a resin kit! To...

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“Assertor Approach” – Compsoite Art by Peter Noble

Using the outstanding CG design of Ansel Hsiao, professional artist Peter Noble did another fantastic piece showing this massive Star Destroyer in action!

To view this piece in it’s large size, please...

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Mega Star Destroyer ASSERTOR – CG Model by Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge)

When I think CG Star Destroyer… or just about anything else… one of the first names I think of is artist Ansel Hsiao! Every design he comes up with is superior to his last…...

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Anigrand 27 Inch Star Destroyer AVENGER by DTSSYST

As seen on the professional modeling board Resin Illuminati, this beautiful build was done by the known artist DTSSYST from the Sci-Fi Dynamics of Anigrand Kit that is no longer legally available...

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Ventor Class Republic Star Destroyer by Vicente Ocete Moguel (Darth Gatus)

What a beautiful build this is! Built from the Revell kit, master builder Vicente Ocete Moguel leaves nothing undone about this piece...

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