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(Medical Star Ship), M.S.S. DONNA KYDD, NCC – 171108 by Paul Mather

Artist Paul Mather returns with his custom build of a familiar Starship shape, but of a design that we have not seen before! Named after someone he highly respects, I love the honor involved in this b...

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1:1000 USS Constellation, NCC-1017 by Paul Mather

All Star Trek fans know of the first vessel Captain Picard Captained. Artist Paul Mather shows us the first of that line!

Before the Stargazer, Their was the Ship named for it’s class of Ships…..


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USS Kelvin by Paul Mather

Since the JJA version of Star Trek came out, I have very much come accustomed to the newer starship designs...

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1:72 UNSPACY, VF-0 Phoenix by Paul Mather

Paul Mather has returned with this really neat design…. check it out.

UNSPACY, VF-0 Phoenix.

Painted in Blue, Skull Squadron.

Stationed on board USS PEGASUS.

A Prometheus III Class Aircraft Carrier


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1:1300 USS YEAGER, NCC-61947-D by Paul Mather

Artist Paul Mather has again come forward with another interesting bash! Take a look!

USS YEAGER, NCC-61947-D. Venture Class. Bash/Scratch Modified Kit...

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The Kelvin by Paul Mather

We had first shown Paul Mather’s Kelvin build months ago, but today we are showing his first Kelvin build!

For the record, This was the Original USS KELVIN Model I made Kurt.


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1:2500 USS Yorktown by Paul Mather

Bashed together by artist Paul Mather…. this piece started as the 1:2500 USS Enterprise 1701-D. Paul has been busy lately with all of the builds he has been adding to his area...

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1:1000 USS Intrepid by Paul Mather

Paul Mather is back with his 1:1000 build of the USS Intrepid…..a Miranda Class vessel! Here is what Paul has to say of this build…

USS INTREPID, NCC-1631. Miranda Class Mk IV

Scratch/ Bash using a Re...

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Moebius Battlestar Galactica – A Unique Paint-Up by Paul Mather

Once again Paul Mather comes forward with his unique style of modeling. He takes what is normal about models and changes them up with colors not usually seen on builds...

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1:2500 USS EXCALIBUR, NCC-1664 by Paul Mather

Artist Paul Mather returns with another scratch and bash of the USS Excalibur Starship!


Bash/Scratch Kit Using a kit of a 2500 scale 1701-...

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