1:1000 USS Constellation, NCC-1017 by Paul Mather

All Star Trek fans know of the first vessel Captain Picard Captained. Artist Paul Mather shows us the first of that line!

Before the Stargazer, Their was the Ship named for it’s class of Ships…..

This Class of ship was known as the Constellation Class.

USS CONSTELLATION, NCC-1017. 1:1000 Scale.

Length- 12 inches, Width – 7 inches, Height – without stand 3 1/2 inches.

This Bash/Srcatch Kit with some Styrene used, Took 9 months to build.

Upper and lower Torpedo launchers and 9 Phaser banks. Main forward

Landing bay, With 6 additional cargo bays. 2 sets of Impulse Engines.

Decals from JDecals(TM).

Happy New Year to Everyone 2013.

Paul Mather



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