(Medical Star Ship), M.S.S. DONNA KYDD, NCC – 171108 by Paul Mather

Artist Paul Mather returns with his custom build of a familiar Starship shape, but of a design that we have not seen before! Named after someone he highly respects, I love the honor involved in this build.


The ship is based on an Advanced Apollo Refit Class Ship. On November 17, 2008. Donna Kydd a Nurse Practitioner
opened the first Nurse Practitioners Lead Clinic in Durham, Ontario, Canada. Which I happened to be her first client.
I’ve made this ship in her honor. Of course the NCC # Is the date it all started (17, Nov. 2008). The main saucer has approx. 2000 beds, Medical Staff of 450. Ships Crew of 500, with 24 Officers. The upper saucer with it’s 3 landing bay doors is the Emergency Medical Bay, ER, OR, and Burns Ward etc. In the upper saucer, It also has 2 torpedo tubes
forward and 2 aft. With 8 additional Phaser strips. The items at the very top of the upper saucer are 2 High powered Tractor Emitters forward and aft. To retrieve personal and life boats. And to tow badly damaged ships back to a Star Base.

Decals made by….ME, Using Corel Draw X5. On my computer.


Paul Mather

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