Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing #2 by Chris Kelley for the Michael Brandolino Collection

Chris Kelley… a professional modeler’s name that has become very known in the past 6 years! From his mastering of amazing kits… to his extremely fantastic builds, this artist does it all! This Studio RED 5 build was done from a Captain Cardboard Kit (ATOMIC CITY MODELS) and made to be a replica of the actual filming model! Chris continues to show his skills in these builds…. and he has RED 5 mastered! A beautiful build for the collection of Michael Brandolino!

To contact Chris Kelley to order your own RED 5 Replica,

please click his banner link below…



Mike red five 034
Mike red five 035
Mike red five 036
Mike red five 037
Mike red five 039
Mike red five 045
Mike red five 047
Mike red five 049
Mike red five 050

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