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Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing #2 by Chris Kelley for the Michael Brandolino Collection

Chris Kelley… a professional modeler’s name that has become very known in the past 6 years! From his mastering of amazing kits… to his extremely fantastic builds, this artist does it all! Thi...

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Collector Alert!! 1:24 X-Wing “Red 5” by Chris Kelley

Built from the original Captain Cardboard kit (Atomic City Models), professional artist has made this piece a near perfect replica of the RED 5 Studio Model used in Star Wars – A New Hope! This...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale X-1 Museum Display from Chris Kelley


This beautiful Museum display was recently offered by Chris Kelley. All the regular winged displays have been sold, however there are two ‘damaged’ wing  versions still left...

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