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SOLD!! 25 inch ESB T-47 Snowspeeder from ChrisSith21


Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back


This hand crafted piece is 25 inches in length! It has moving Air Brake Panels, Revolving rear gun, and open fuselage paneling for...

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Scratch Built T-47 Snow Speeder by Chrissith21

I am honored to show another new artist’s works here on Modeler Magic today…...

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Studio Scale Empire Strikes Back AT-ST built by Jason Eaton

Built for a client back in 2010 to resemble the actual stop motion filming model used in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, famed artist Jason Eaton again shows us a build that truly lets one know w...

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Stop Motion ESB Tauntaun Replica mastered by Scott Peery

Aside from famed artist Phil Tippet, I have only seen one other do something like this…which makes this a real treat to view! I have the great honor of introducing artist Scott Peery to this Gallery...

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1:72 ESB Slave One by Mattias Seger

I have seen many, many recreations of the Slave One from Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, and this latest is one of the best of those I have seen...

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Studio Scale ESB Snow Speeder by Richard Long

At 18″ X 18″ this Studio Scale kit from NICE-N Model Designs (cast by MSLZ22Models and originally mastered by Nick Sainton-Clark) is HUGE! And famed industry master modeler Richard Long did it ...

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SW Celebration V Exclusive! “The Hunter and His Prey” artwork by Chris Trevas

The folks who went to Celebration V this year were not disappointed. One of the fantastic offerings there was this limited print by famed Artist Chris Trevas! Mr...

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1:72 Slave One by Garrett Wybrow

Once again I have the pleasure of introducing a great new talent to this Gallery… master artist Garret Wybrow. This first piece of Mr...

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“Blast Them Out!” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

It has been hours since being ordered to fly into this massive asteroid field. And the worst thing is…. the boredom of this bombing run on one of the field’s largest rocks…....

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