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KIT ALERT!! HUGE!! Studio Scale TMP Enterprise Bridge from TIMESLIP CREATIONS





STUDIO SCALE TMP Enterprise Refit Bridge

*Kit Producer: TimeSlip Creations 161-6178_IMG

*Kit Scale: Studio Scale (Based off the 8 Foot Filming Model)

*Kit Materials: Resin

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46 Inch Enterprise – Shuttle Bay Chasing Lights by NemVia Productions

We have all seen the fantastic Starship builds from NemVia Production’s Mark Nehmzow, and now we get to see a new update to his “Starship Production Line” former showing...

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CONCEPT Enterprise 1701 “In Progress” by Tony Cardona

While this isn’t in final form, it was simply to fantastic not to show NOW! Utilizing the basic design that Ralph McQuarrie produced for the Star Trek Phase II series, fantastic CG artist Tony Cardona...

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22 Inch Starship Enterprise by Jim Graham

I have the great pleasure today of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery…. Mr. Jim Graham from Greenfield, IN...

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CG Enterprise 1701 in Space Dock by Steve Neill

Industry famed Steve Neill not only makes films, models, prosthetic pieces and props (in the over 30 years he has spent in the Movie Industry), but he also makes CG Models for films! This Enter...

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Star Trek Phase II 1701 DESTRUCT – Composite Art by Robin Clifford

I have the great honor of introducing another fantastic artist to Modeler’s, Miniatures & Magic… artist Robin Clifford! I was blown away with this first piece he introduced to me…...

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“Enterprise Reveal” Composite/CG Art from Daniel Broadway & Crew

Made to look like the Enterprise reveal shot from 2009’s Star Trek Movie, these four artists, Daniel Broadway, David Metlesits, Rafael Dominguez Estrada and Prologic9 did an amazing job with the origi...

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Second 1:350 Enterprise 1701-A built by Thomas Johnson

Built recently from the amazing, large Polar Lights kit from Round 2 Models, master builder Thomas E...

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“Spock’s Retrieval” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Having some “thing” kill Lt...

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1:350 Enterprise 1701-A by Thomas Johnson

Using the incredible 34 inch kit from Polar Lights (Round 2 Models), master modeler Thomas Johnson built this first of two Enterprise 1701’s back in June of 2009...

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