RED LEADER – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Here is a composite using the fantastic Studio Red Leader X-Wing by R.L. Bleecker, and the giant 1:18 Darth Vader X-1 TIE Fighter in the Last Battle scene where Red Leader finishes his trench run on the attacking Death Star, only to be destroyed by Darth Vader a few seconds later. A dramatic pivot point of the story, placing Luke in charge of the final attack to destroy the Death Star before it destroys the Rebel Base on the fourth moon of Yavin.

To view my Blue Screen photo of the R.L. Bleecker build of Red Leader, please click HERE!

To view my Blue Screen photos of the Lasse Henning build of Vader’s X-1 Fighter, please click HERE!

To view this piece in it’s large size, please click directly on it.


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