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RED LEADER – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Here is a composite using the fantastic Studio Red Leader X-Wing by R.L...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale X-1 Museum Display from Chris Kelley


This beautiful Museum display was recently offered by Chris Kelley. All the regular winged displays have been sold, however there are two ‘damaged’ wing  versions still left...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Vader TIE Fighter X-1 REPLICA’s from Chris Kelley

There are only a few of these being offered…...

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SOLD!!! Darth Vader’s Damaged Wing Studio Scale TIE X-1 REPLICA’s

X-1 Drew 016

Custom Made

DIRECT from the Model Shop

of Master Modeler

Chris Kelley

THREE Darth Vader Studio Scale TIE X-1 Fighter REPLICAS


Wing Damage

as seen in

Star Wars – A New Hope

Each piece is ...

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