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U.E.S.S. Emmette – United Earth Type 3 Warp Ship
Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models
Scale: 1:1000
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 15
Price: $70
Shipping: $6.50 USA | $12 International
Available: NOW
Payment Method: PayPal, Credit Card, Check
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The U.S.S. Emmette is one of the most mysterious Federation ships in the entire Star Trek canon. The ship is glimpsed only briefly in the opening credits of “Star Trek: Enterprise” following the launch of the Phoenix One warpship and the unveiling of the NX-01. Shown approaching what appears to be a Moon base (In the 4th Season “Mirror Universe” opener it bombs the Moon base), the craft disappears and is never referenced again.

Fan speculation is that the Emmette was an early warp ship designed for testing and exploration within the solar system. This would explain the amount of real estate dedicated to conventional rocket engines; if the warp drive failed, the chemical rockets could provide enough power to ensure the ship’s return to Earth.

Many fans are also eager to note the similarities between the Emmette and the 23rd century Romulan Bird of Prey. Trek canon has long held that the Romulans stole the basic design for their BOP from the Federation; the Emmette may have been the spaceframe that inspired the subsequent Romulan warship.

Scale: 1:1000
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 15 (Including clear red nacelle caps)
Pattern by Scott Spicer
Casting BLAP Models
Decals by JBOT





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