SOLD!! Studio Scale X-Wing: RED 4 Built by NEXUS Models




Ep.IV – A New Hope

Studio Scale X-Wing Replica

Rebel Pilot

John D. Branon‘s RED 4

$2,500 U.S.

Shipping and Handling INCLUDED!!

Built from the highly acclaimed studio replica X-Wing kit, created by NEXUS Models, artist Rodolfo Martínez is offering this spectacular Studio X-Wing Replica built to resemble in every way the studio filming model seen in the 1977 film STAR WARS! The X-Wing replica comes with its specific, fully detailed pilot and corresponding Astromech droid, and has articulated wings with the stand you see in the photos. It will be shipped in specially designed, secure box to make certain it arrives safely to your world location.

To PURCHASE this fantastic Replica,

Contact NEXUS-Models direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


And here are photos of the actual REPLICA FOR SALE!!

Red 4-01

Red 4-02


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