SOLD!! Studio Scale Vader TIE Fighter X-1 REPLICA’s from Chris Kelley

There are only a few of these being offered…. I can’t imagine they will last long! Fully professionally built and detailed as the “Damaged Wing” Vader Tie (as seen in A New Hope), there are ONLY three of these available to the public. They each come with an ICONS Style Death Star Paneled Base, with a professional metal plaque and a clear acrylic case! This museum quality piece is rather large at Studio Scale! Mr. Kelley has informed me he has 2 of these ready for delivery as I type this, with the third nearly completed. This is a great offering for three very lucky collectors!

To inquire about this museum piece for price and/or ordering, please click his banner link below…


X-1 Icons style 015

X-1 Icons style 005

X-1 Icons style 012

X-1 Icons style 018

X-1 Icons style 027

X-1 Icons style 028

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