NEW UPDATE!!! 41 Inch! ROTJ Blockade Runner KIT from Chris Kelley

January 24, 2011 UPDATE!!

To contact Chris Kelley direct regarding this Kit, please click his banner link below…


I am extremely anxious for this fantastic kit’s release. Chris has been working extremely hard to get the detail accurate for the Return of the Jedi version of the Blockade Runner. Many don’t realize how different it is. It has side guns… a different paint scheme, and even different gun mounts and detail. Here are the most recent photos followed by reference of the actual studio model Chris is using to replicate it’s details…

Runner Guns complete 002

Runner Guns complete 003

Runner Guns complete 006

runner guns close 002

runner guns close 003

runner guns close 004

And now some of the reference being used for detail…



Runner front view


Blockade runner full view


ROTJ Runner 003

Nov. 18, 2010 UPDATE!!

Getting even closer to it’s release, Professional Model Maker Chris Kelley has an update to show his commitment of excellence on this kit. Now finished with the Engine details, this piece will have no rival in this huge, 1/2 studio scale size for detail accuracy to the original filming model used in Return of the Jedi! I have been contacted by so many people asking of this kit that I can already proclaim it a HIT even before Chris begins selling it! Check out the great detail on the engine parts! And… I am told this kit will have more than 500 parts! Nothing with undercuts will be cast on, but instead added as a part to assemble as a kit should be!

Picture 115

Picture 116

Picture 117

Picture 118

Picture 119

Picture 120

Picture 121

Picture 122

Picture 123

Picture 124

Picture 125

Picture 126

Picture 127

Picture 128

Picture 129

Picture 130

Picture 131

Picture 132

Picture 133

Picture 134

Picture 135

Picture 136

Picture 137

Picture 138

Picture 139

Picture 140

Oct. 28, 2010

About a year in the making, this kit is nearly ready to go! Master modeler Chris Kelley has spared no expense in getting this GIANT kit to be one that people will be discussing for years to come… the Return of the Jedi Blockade Runner as seen in the ending battle against the Death Star II. Different in both paint scheme and weaponry, this is sure to catch the attention of modelers and collector enthusiasts all over the world! I am so excited about this that I have already placed my order! Chris states he hopes to have it ready to go by January 2011 and has yet to announce a price. I have a feeling these will not last long when the order gates open.

To contact Chris Kelley direct regarding this Kit, please click his banner link below…


runner 006

runner 003

runner 011

runner 012

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